Our Vision


"In 2020 we will work together better to enable the people of Hull to improve their own health, resilience, wellbeing and to achieve their aspirations for the future."

The vision

Our vision is a brighter future for our city, shaped by public services working together as a single system. This will mean local people can access the support they need - when and where they need it - to live healthier and more resilient lives as they work towards achieving newer and bigger aspirations.

The organisations that make up Hull 2020 are committed to transforming the way we all work. We understand that to succeed we also need to really inspire local communities and individuals and make sure we take them with us 100% on this journey.

The journey

No single organisation can do this alone. The success of Hull 2020 depends on how well public services can work together and how successful we are at encouraging people living in the city to be involved.

Examples of this include:

  • Getting people who use services involved from the start to help us design them better
  • Understanding how and where people want to access support and what the barriers currently are
  • Asking the staff who deliver services and understand what does and does not work and what we can do to improve things
  • Improving the way different organisations communicate and getting our systems talking to each other
  • Testing new services or developments to make sure people always have the greatest control possible over their own lives and care
  • Understanding everyone is a potential partner and everyone can help us find lasting, local solutions to local issues

Working in partnership is not new. There are joint projects and services already in operation and working well. What is different about Hull 2020 is the number of organisations that have committed to making this a success and the fact we already have a strong programme in place to enable us to move towards - with the support of our communities – achieving the vision set out in this strategy.

Nine programmes are underway with each of the partner organisations committed to taking part and will continue over the next five years, supporting the Hull 2020 Programme.  Further information about the projects being delivered as part of Hull 2020 are outlined in the Our projects section. 

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