Meeting the challenge

Hull 2020 is an ambitious plan for Hull and there are a number of priority areas we need to address to enable our communities to see real progress.

  • We need to focus on a service and what it offers to the people who access it, rather than focussing on who provides that service
  • We need to make it easier for professionals to talk to each other, share important information and make sure patients do not have to keep telling their story over and over again
  • We need a highly skilled collective workforce. This means making sure young people are encouraged to look at public services when they start thinking about careers and that local people train and stay in the area. We also need to find ways of attracting new talent to Hull and ensuring more students realise the benefits of working here after university.
  • We need to engage with political partners across the board to ensure the programme continues even if the background administration were to change.
  • We need to measure how well we are performing and communicate this to the people of Hull as a single set of information, in one place, in a way that is not hard to interpret. People should not have to search for data in a number of different places or struggle to understand what it means to them. 

How we will deliver the vision

The Hull 2020 partners have all agreed to the following principles of partnership working that set out how different organisations involved can and will work together:

  • Everyone who has signed up will work together and support each other to transform the way services are delivered in Hull
  • Each organisation will make sure their own strategies and plans to take their own business forward will support the Hull 2020 strategy
  • Partners will be open, transparent and act in good faith to each other. This means respecting the views of everyone with a stake in Hull 2020 and resolving any issues that come up within the group wherever this can happen
  • Organisations will put the interests of the local population above their own individual interests and decisions will be taken on the basis of “doing what’s best for Hull 2020”
  • Partners will commit the right amount of time, energy and other resources needed to make sure each stage of the programme is completed when it should be
  • Understanding each part of the programme will benefit the people of Hull as we move towards 2020
  • Partners will work with everyone they come into contact with to support the Hull 2020 programme

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