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The Hull 2020 Executive Board meets every 3 months to establish cooperation between citywide partners in order to bring together individual strategies, drive forward purposeful development and the implementation of a single vision. Although individual members of the Executive Board are key decision makers within their own organisations the collective role of the Executive Board in the context of Hull 2020 is not to make decisions or to allocate resources to support transformational change.  Rather, the Executive Board sits between the Hull 2020 Programme Board and the existing decision making arrangements within their respective organisations. It provides strategic leadership and stimulates the development of transformational plans but ensures it is remote from the processes of direct commissioning and procurement.

The Programme Delivery Board is a decision making board within the context of the Hull 2020 Programme.  That role enables the board to make decisions with regard to actions within the programme and to make recommendations to the decision making boards of it’s member organisations and Boards to whom it is accountable. Currently the Hull 2020 programme does not have a delegated budget and therefore the board cannot allocate financial resources or commit it’s constituent members to allocate resources without complying with each organisations’ own scheme of delegation and standing financial instructions. 

The Programme Delivery Board meetings for 2015 are listed below, minutes will be published once available:  

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