28-10-2014: Old and young can feel the benefits of singing in inter-generational choir


NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is calling on Hull-based community and voluntary groups, care-homes, schools and organisations to experience the positive social, health and wellbeing effect of singing in a choir as part of creating a healthier Hull

Local groups are being invited to join together to form inter-generational choirs which span the generations; with the aim of singing, rehearsing and performing together. To support the choirs NHS Hull CCG will provide each with a professional coach and mentor.

The Choir project will involve 11 weeks of rehearsals culminating in a celebration event at Hull City Hall on 26 March 2015 where the choirs will have an opportunity to showcase their achievements. Each of the choirs taking part in the project will perform one piece unique to them and all choirs will join together for the finale, performing a shared song. 

There are a number of health and therapeutic benefits linked with singing, and working across the generations that participants can benefit from. These can include a reduction in anxiety, stress and depression and improved sleep and exercises the lungs.

Sam Barlow, NHS Hull CCG Commissioning Manager behind the inter-generational choir said:

“Being in a choir can improve confidence and self-esteem, plus it allows people to have a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges that affect people older or younger than themselves. This exciting project is going to bring a lot of people of different ages together, which will reduce social isolation and, I’m sure, be good for everyone involved.”  

The inter-generational choir project is part of the Hull 2020 Transformation programme which brings together nine organisations from across the city to work together better for the people of Hull. The choir supports the wider aims of Hull 2020 by aiming to combat loneliness and reduce social isolation in the elderly. 

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